Governmental Affairs & Public Law

Rayfield Associates represents clients’ interest at the governmental level on a broad range of issues including telecommunications, transportation, oil and energy, the environment, health care, public finance, financial services and privatization, public works, construction, defense, education, taxes etc.

We anticipate the direction of government policies and advise our clients on their implications. Rayfield Associates will also help you to communicate your message effectively to members of the National and State Houses of Assembly as well as the executive arm of government, including federal regulators and policy makers. The firm has very experienced legal draftsmen with the skills to prepare legislation on a broad range of issues and to pursue their progress through to passage by the legislature. We are also able to analyze draft legislations or even existing laws and provide the best analysis to our clients on the implications and ramifications to their businesses or interests.

Rayfield Associates can also help your company or organization by drafting clear and concise advocacy messages, attending hearings, monitoring events and assessing the political environment and context of any issues, facilitating dialogue with federal legislators and legislative committees and leaders, preparing witnesses for hearings and generally keeping track of legislative developments. We will also prepare letters, issue papers and briefing materials, develop coalitions and generate grassroots and media support. Through its wide network of influence, Rayfield Associates will develop and implement individualized strategies to help you accomplish your legislative, regulatory, grassroot and media objectives, including scheduling of meetings, where needed, with members of the National Assembly, federal agencies and departments.

We liaise with Regulators on behalf of our clients to ensure compliance with all regulations touching on the operations and business of the client.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed.

In addition to our pool of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, Rayfield Associates also retains the services of a broad spectrum of advisers/consultants such as journalists, Quantity Surveyors and Valuers, Stockbrokers and Financial Analysts, Engineers and Architects, for their expertise and to assist in the prosecution of the firm’s assignments, where necessary.